The Pros and Cons of Dieting

There are so many diets out there, it’s impossible to choose one that is effective for the duration and ensure don´t put twice as much on twice as fast.

The Pros and Cons of DietingThe reason a lot of these fad diets don’t work, is simply that if you starve your body of one thing, as soon as it has it again, it will store it as fat. So for example, cutting out all carbohydrates for 12 months is going to be highly ill-advised for the next time you look at a baked potato, your body will take that as cue to store the carbohydrates for energy further down the line.

Our bodies are complex machines, requiring multiple types of fuel to run at optimum efficiency. This does also include fats, sugars and salts.

So what is an ideal healthy eating plan?

Firstly, eat when you are hungry, not when society tells you. Don’t eat breakfast? Have brunch instead. Your body will tell you when it needs fuel it will also tell you when it’s got enough. Listen to your body.

 For lunch, ideally you want something that is carbohydrate heavy, such as a sandwich or a baked potato; however, you also want protein, such as chicken and something like a salad or a few steamed vegetables.

For dinner, you really ought to aim for lean meat, rice, pulses and vegetables, these will satisfy you, and will lead to you not snacking before bed.

Try not to eat after 8pm or your equivalent if you work nights, as lying on a full stomach can cause indigestion and also prevent the body from digesting it. Also, eating stood up is good, this streamlines the digestion process and also you won’t stand up after a large meal and feel like a lead balloon has just been dropped into your gut!

If you struggle dieting alone, try joining a club, not all of them revolve around a points system, and you may find yourself spurred on by others who are trying to achieve the same result.

Exercise is also really important in aiding weight loss. Now we don’t want you to just go out and run a half marathon and nearly die of heart attack. A simple walk or light jog is more than sufficient and as your health improves you can always move onto more taxing exercises such as sprints, or even water sports like kayaking.

Be sure to keep yourself hydrated when dieting for as your body changes, you’ll have differing levels of all sorts of minerals and as such, you want to keep the water levels up. Plus, you´ll also be kind of detoxing your body and getting rid of a load of vitamins and minerals that a) you don’t need and b) are taking up room that could be better utilized for others!

In all, dieting doesn’t have to be torture, and as such, treat yourself once a week. This will trigger the reward centre in the brain, making dieting more pleasurable.