If My Parents were Overweight Will I Be?

One question that many people seem to be looking for the answer to in regards to losing weight is will there be any point in trying to lose weight if your parents were overweight. Many people seem to be of the belief that being overweight is caused by genetics and if your parent and/or grandparents were overweight then you will be too.

There is no real truth to that belief, for with willpower and some little help anyone, including both you and your parents can lose weight very easily, so never give up any hope of you losing weight if there are many overweight people in your family.

In fact, as soon as you start taking Phentermine you are going to notice a very rapid difference in regards to your eating habits, for as that drug is an appetite suppressant you will simply find that you are not as hungry as you were before you started taking and using Phentermine and you will then start to eat less and that will then enable you to start losing weight.

The above video is going to be taking a look at the subject of weight and genetics, and as such it may be beneficial for you to watch it if you are looking for additional information on how weight and genetics are or are not linked.

You will never be going on any fancy or faddy diets when taking Phentermine, for within reason you can eat whatever you like when you like and still lose weight, you just will not feel hungry all of the time and the weight loss you do achieve will be natural weight loss too.

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